How Nice Guys Can Get Ahead

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Conventional business wisdom has long held that the nice guy -- or gal -- won't get as far up the corporate ladder as the cutthroat competitor.
Today's challenging economic times would seem to allow even less room for pleasantries in the business world.
But executive coach Russ C. Edelman, coauthor of "Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office: Eight Strategies to Get Ahead Without Being a Jerk," believes otherwise.
但是"Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office: Eight Strategies to Get Ahead Without Being a Jerk,"一书的作者,执行教练Russ C. Edelman则有不同的意见。
"The underlying element is balance -- you can't be a jerk, and you can't be too nice," says Edelman, who is a principal in a Boston-based consulting firm. "You have to be assertive and cordial."
Here are six of his strategies for how nice employees -- and their companies -- can finish first.
Warts and All
Rather than trying to seem perfect, being honest about your shortcomings in an interview or on the job can be perceived as an asset.
"People need to maintain a level of awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. It's important from an interview perspective that you can be candid," says Edelman.
Set Limits
You'll earn more respect from your boss and colleagues if you set appropriate limits, while pledging to support shared goals.
"People laud the corporate hero -- the person going above and beyond -- but not corporate martyrs, who have killed themselves and potentially put the business in a compromised situation."

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